Refund Policy

All students need to know that only 50% of the total amount charged will be refunded. The remaining 50% is reserved as a service fee. Refund requests will only be approved if:
The expert failed the exam.
The expert missed a discussion / submission / class.
Our brand is not responsible if the task fails or is delayed due to incomplete information, late customer response, or pending payment confirmation.
We shall never assign any order to our experts if the payment confirmation isn’t received.


All images or content on the site is owned by All Classes Done. It should be used with permission as needed, not for commercial purposes.

All services are for student instruction only. It cannot be shared/used for illegal purposes. Under no circumstances will All Classes Done be responsible for any consequences resulting from it

Customer Service

Our CSR is available for all chats & calls 24/7. Talk to us to get updates on your order or to place a new order.

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